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Find Energy Conservation Equipment Now in for your
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Energy Conservation Projects in Texas

Energy Conservation Projects to Consider

Energy Conservation Equipment

Energy-efficient equipment to consider in your home in Texas

Here is nine different things you can do now to reduce your energy consumption in home or business in Texas

(1) Lighting10-40%, Air-Conditioning15-25%, Heating Systems 10-20% (2) Save electric bill by Upgrading your AC if 10yrs old & even if good working condition. A new high energy efficient can save 40% (3) Save on electric bill by changing old florescent lighting from T12 to T8 and you will reduce your light bill by 40% and even more with LED and also operate cooler than incandescent. (4) Lighting Controls Panel allows control lighting with Local switches providing timed shutoff for after hours , and occupancy sensors (5) The hot water heater is the second largest energy consumer in the home. Using it efficiently can add up to big savings. Consider replacing with an ENERGY STAR qualified Heater. (6) Consider replacing with an ENERGY STAR qualified furnace, which is 15% more efficient than a conventional furnace (7) Replacing old refrigerators with high-efficiency offers the greatest savings in electrical consumption & reason is simple run 24 hrs a day. In 1992 the average 20-cubic-foot Whirlpool refrigerator used $72 worth electricity in 1yr. with added efficiency, the same model used $51 (8) Most businesses are not very energy efficient due to the lack of their understanding, which result in poor design in their electrical system Energy efficient devices that save money on electric are Florescent Lighting, light sensors with automatic shut off if no one is present in the room (9) Poor Power Factors & harmonic distortion also contribute to energy loss that utilities have to make up for and you are charge accordingly Lightblub.better.idea 1 summary

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Why Us? Well we save you time and money !
We empower you by providing excellent informative information in order to give you the real power to choose correctly.
We take great pride in our Commitment to Excellence to provide you valid meaningful information on the
Seven Things you Really Need to Know about Buying Electric for your Home or Business

Although everyone is looking at electric quote for the cheapest electricity in Texas that is no longer the only priority in deciding what is best for your home or business ! You also need to be aware how the terms in the utility companies' contract may affect you, in regarding issue if you are going to move soon, or closing a location, furthermore, you must as well be conscious how to uncover any hidden charges that their representative may not be openly disclosing to you!

Now since deregulation came along, which did have a positive effect of driving down price on Residential electrical rates as well commercial electric rates, it also gave us a lot of new variables to contend with that can be as equally important as the cheapest electricity rates in Texas.

Utility Energy Companies offer a great variety of products in their electric contracts such as fix, swing and variable contracts as well a combination of fixed and variable, and all of them have their own benefits and draw backs to them. So if want to have the power to choose and select the best electric prices and terms in reducing your energy bill on Residential or Commercial energy rates in Texas , and you really don't have the time or patients to call over 210 Utility Energy Companies to find the best energy savings,
Then let us help you and call us toll free to get a FREE quote on electric !!

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Best Business electricity Rates in Texas is 4.28 cents per kWh
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